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It's a short cut, really
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Yeah, I'll get the correct jets. Just want to try it like this for interests sake.

If patience is a virtue, then, maybe impatience leads to invention.

I was so excited that I could actually take the float bowls off from the bottom without removing the entire carb that I figured I'd just put these jets in and ride back to the shop tomorrow for the correct ones.

I'm sure there's enough turbulence in a 4 valve head to mix the gasses up to compensate for any slight difference the jets would cause and I'd expect the net result to be pretty close to running 2 125 mains. Plus I think I'll get one of those overbore pistons from Mait to have on hand...if mind cracks down the middle.

I've thought about opening the side airbox but most say that doing this makes the bike sensitive to cross winds leg position etc. I have an old filter that's not too dirty so may try it there first.
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