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Cool2 PCH Nicoya Peninsula–Ruta del Sol 160. Part III

Matapalo to Playa Langosta DAY III. R&R. 02Dec12

Re: Prev. post... Once again Youtube University saves the day from a potentially expensive, very easy CPU fix. That out of the way, time for a CR fix!

We left off at the end of day II, roughly 19:00 and sleeping. We had made it to the town of Matapalo, Guanacaste. We stay at Cabo Velas ( Now the prices here aren’t exactly “shoe string”, but one place can sleep 6 folks, all on a bed. Also, Daniela, one of the many great people involved with the establishment is a friend of mine from 2004. She and I studied in the same semester abroad program and fate would have us both relocating to CR within a few weeks of each other in Nov of 2006. The condo details are on the site so I will spare you the “It is so close to many beaches, comfortable…”. PM me if you will be stopping by. She and I have discussed a possible ADVrider “financial aid” program.

Ana and I got an even later start to Day III. We slowly come to life and wander the few hundred meters to downtown and the local Supermercado. Time: 10:40.

The overcast skies of the past two days have cleared up and it is typical Guanacaste weather; SMOKIN’ HOT! We hunker down in the shelter of the AC and our humble accommodations for a nice breakfast.

Then the rest of the day is spent between the fridge,

The pool…

The hammock…

… and laundry. No need for a dryer, it’s 100+F's with a slight breeze.

After a grueling day of R&R we saddle up for the daily, evening show. Neither Ana or I had walked on Playa Langosta so that is the venue of choice. It didn’t disappoint. Time: 17:00.

Movember is over and I had to lose the Nascar look.

End of today's sunset Show!

From Langosta we head into Tamarindo. We are to meet with Daniela and head over to a friend of her’s place for a late dinner.

We had some time so we grab a couple batidos and an appetizer of fried calamari. So so quality, beachfront prices.
We should have listened to Daniela and gotten fish tacos. We then sat in the center of Tamarindo waiting for “the call” from Daniela and off we went to dinner with a great bunch of fabulous people. It was an international pasta event of tourist and permanents from a wide range of coutries. Sorry no pics, I was having too much fun.

Waiting in Downtown Tamarindo.

Day III Recap: . No real miles to speak of. I did push the bike into the shade. Maybe 20 kms and 50 yards.

Hasta tomorrow for the fourth and final day. I do promise some seat time on the next instalment.
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