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Originally Posted by gofast1320 View Post

I call bullshit on the mag springs being bad or set or whatever the catchphrase being used now-They are like unicorns, people talk about them but unless its an older gun with the flat spring in the mag, they just don't hardly happen
Maybe a dirty mag.
If I have a mag fail to feed it gets one chance, I take them apart, clean them and reassemble them. If the mag lips or follower are jacked they go away..
said his glock is from 1992. i think he could benefit from all new springs, especially mag springs.

quality mags are also definitely important with 1911s. call bs all you want.

personal example with glock mags: when i started reloading 9mm several years ago, i had a load that seemed ok but my glock 26 wasn't feeding 100%. probably closer to 50%. asked around, experts told me to try new mags first (those mags were 5 years old and always loaded). worked like a charm. never had a failure since then. last year i replaced the second batch of mags with new ones. cheap insurance.
bmw makes motorcycles now?
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