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Originally Posted by FishrCutB8 View Post
Still reading a boatload on this site. It's like a library for adventure riding.

I have pretty much boiled it down to:
- Multistrada 1100 S which looks to have incredible handling and solid reliability. My understanding is this model goes 15k between valves,as opposed to 7500 on the DS 1000? Two thoughts. First, how much of a bank-breaker is the 15k service and second, is that the kind of thing one can do for oneself? It seems a lot of people have learned to do the valve work on the MTS
I do my own service. Valve checks are certainly within the realm of a weekend mechanic. Replacing or adjusting shims gets a bit more complicated but the need seems to be infrequent. An option is to tear the bike down (the tank has to come off for air filter and vale access) and have a local independent check the valves.

My '06 S has 37k and I've done all of the maintenance - short of fork and shock rebuilds.
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