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Wow, I did it!

Thanks to FrankS and Pretbek for taking the time to take and post the photos and instructions.

I bought the correct sized digitiser from goodsupply0889 on ebay from Hongkong for AU$24.98 with free postage. It arrived in 11 days with one public holiday in Honkong and one in Australia. I had to buy a smaller set of torx screwdrivers to get a T6 size for the case.

What I found was:
  • The black frame described in the posted instructions was silver on mine.
  • The backing case on mine didn't have the cutout section in the middle.
  • As for cutting the digitiser off the frame gently with a razor, you might has well use a bowie knife and a mallet because that sucker is going to crack when you look at it too closely. It is, as has been said, the bit that is getting thrown away anyway. Just take care of the metal frame.
  • I took both connecting ribbons out to do the replacement and had a little difficulty getting the LCD (wider) ribbon back in place. It has a long white lever running its full width that lifts to open and presses back down to lock the ribbon in place. It took a few tries to get it back in right.
  • Powered it up and digitiser works perfectly straight away. No need to callibrate.
  • New digitiser does seem faster to respond and is much clearer.
  • I had notice a discoloured section around the middle area of the old digitiser just before it failed. That appears to possibly be delamination between the layers in the digitiser glass.
Thanks again to all that contributed info to this thread.


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