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Thanks guys for your input... I have read for years about the oiled balance boot.. I tried it on last week and it was probably the MOST comfortable boot I have ever put on, period... But, for me there is no way I can stand on the pegs all day with this boot... My Gaerne G-Adventures have more stricture to them than the oiled balance boot.. I have already turned a friend onto the Oiled balance boot for all day comfort.. IMOP, if you stand on the pegs for hours on end, these are just to soft.. I need something much more rigid in the sole and maybe some ankle protection. That's why I have kept going back and leaning toward the SG -10.... Unfortunately I cant keep buying all the boots 'I would like to try', and then hope to fine the right one... :) I just ask as many questions as possible... I know boots are on par with the "oil " topic, but I do like to hear and learn from others that have tried many of these boots.............. Do the Midlands have a stiffer sole than the G-Adventure?

Thanks again....
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