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have been looking at Sanjohs offerings till now. Was betting on the M60s. Now I am not so sure ...

My KTM SMT990 will be equipped with a single Mori Moto D2S 35W HID that will replace the standard halogen light.
The standard light is just "crap". Some folks report that it can also do 50W HID, however my local reseller advises against this.
I travel on paved roads for 99+% of the time, although the pavement is not always of good quality. Expect the Xenon D2S to take care of the area up till 25 to 30 or so meters.
I am looking for more information of what is ahead. On the road itself but also on the side of the roads.
Traveling at 120 km/hour (approx 80 miles/hour) means I do 33.33 meters a second. I want to see at least 2 seconds ahead, which means the area 65 meters away needs to be clearly visible. Also taken into account the "light blinding" due to a closer area being lit by the same light source.

A single spot that would give me the info but the beam is very focussed. I fear this will make a tunnel where the boundaries between unlit and lit are too strong for comfortable riding. The first picture (dual long range 40W) seems to be a good candidate. Not sure about the title, I have the feeling this should be "two dual long range 40W" understanding a single spot takes 10W. Also comparing it to the "Single long range dual 20W" picture which really does show that "tunnel" thing.

I also believe the first two pictures where taken with a telelens compared to the others: the trees/bushes are much closer in there.

The M60 shown seems to kind of overlight the nearby area. However this can also be due to the camera settings. Would it be possible to tell the camera settings (F stop, speed and ISO) This would enable me to try a couple of pictures myself with the D2S to compare this to the ones presented here. I can post that picture overhere ones I have it.

The probable best solution could be D2S for nearbu, Sonjoh's M60 for the next part (still wide) and a dual LR for further away. However I am having a hard time to see how this all can be attached to the bike. With symmetry in mind, I would prefer two single spot LR instead of one double spot LR. Is the only difference between these two approaches that with two singles there is more flexibility for positioning the beams?
With that same thought, two dual spot LRs might both look very acceptable and give a good reasonable wide beam.

Finally I plan to hook al this up with a dimmer and separate on/off switch. . In the Netherlands these lights are far from legal I fear. Have to reduce the amount strongly when driving in areas where more folks are using the road.

Hope you folks can share your ideas on this all.

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