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Originally Posted by jules083 View Post
Yep, that's the one.

I have a hard time buying a 22 since I already have 2 perfectly functional ones. The 7.62x54, well, I didn't have that. Plus the gun was $150 and ammo is dirt cheap.

I have to learn a bit now on cleaning, I keep hearing that the surplus ammo is hard on them if you don't clean it right.
I do this a great way is even more simple if that is possible. Funnel, water pour.

All you are really tying to do is get the salts out of the bore....and make no mistake they do rust up quick you may ask. Go to range in the morning, shoot till 11 or so, go out to eat with the guys at the little country bisket and gravey place, get home and you have rust already...about 4 hours from last round to starting to clean the thing.

If you get into playing with these surplus guns....well surplus guns of all kinds that they can be all over the place. This one will shoot great....that one will shoot all over the paper....if it hits the paper 5 out of 5 times. It all depends on how Ivan took care of it during the war and how Olga packed it away.

You will have fun with it....I just love old military hardware.
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