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Originally Posted by shanekfalcon View Post
Hi guys, a question for all the XT600 enthusiasts. My cousin is looking at a 1991 ex-Australian Army with 50,000 kilometres on the clock, for about $2,000.00 . He is attracted by the price and size as he is about 6 foot five inches and quite strong ( a farmer ) and perhaps weighs abou 95 kilos.

Whilst acknowledging the reputation of these bikes, it is quite high mileage and old; as a runabout on the farm is this a good idea? Are there any specific issues to this model that we need to look closely at? All advice appreciated.


I have on of those army bikes, and as a farm runabout, it would be..,ok. They are very reliable, and fast enough for travelling but slow enough for farm work. On the flip side, however, they are very heavy for what they are.

We have a few proper farm bikes, Honda CT200 models, and my XT feels like it weighs >30% more. Which is fine, but it would get old very quickly if it got stuck.
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