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CampWhere app

Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
Ahhhh, I needed this relaxing stuff!
Today the library was open, and I ran almost out of food, so it warranted a trip to civilization for a few hours.
here are some pics of the roads in the National forest.

I've been hitting sandy patches and starting to feel just an iota's worth less nervous.
What gets me is trying to take my weight off the front and leaning back, but doing this is hard because then I can't barely hold onto the handlebars. Think my arms are too short!

Splurged on a fantastic greek salad at the Bistro in Sopchoppy

Sunset at the campsite

Sunday morning was heaven! Sat in the sun warming up, had a nice cup of coffee, listening to Debussy on my phone, and knitting a cowl for my friend Carol who keeps asking me to knit stuff for her, and pays me too
I know it seems rather incongruous, a motorcycle riding, camping in the wild and knitting woman, but I consider myself well-rounded!

My new vice! yeah..........

There is something about tree bark, it's just beautiful!

Yep, still me! Just thought I should show my goofy face once in a while.

Tomorrow I am planning on riding to Jacksonville. I know it's the other way, but I have a friend whom I met on the road near Yosemite, Sharon, she was riding on her own too across the country.
I knew she lived somewhere in Florida, but just found out today where. Luckily it's only about 4 hours from here, so it's worth backtracking a little to say hi.
On your smart get the Campwhere app and your campground problems will be over. $5 and it gives full info on 10k public campgrounds in US and Canada. Links to website, reservations and phone. Many BLM camps are free. No more searching and asking locals who have no idea about camping. Plus, the app maps are incredible, the whole world is on it.
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