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Originally Posted by bdjuju View Post
Can't recall if I've mentioned this earlier (it's been so long..) but I've been trying to solve the fuel pump issue as well, subject is a CB550-4. I really want to use a Suzuki in-tank pump & have a smashed up GSXR tank was planning on grafting the flange area into the bottom of the 550's tank at some point. Maybe some experimentation with a junk CL tank is in order?
The other trick may be to use a smaller 'surge tank', place the pump in that, somewhere in the 'triangle' area under the seat, and just feed it from the main tank.
I was considering the same idea, and had bought a CBR in-tank pump assembly to try to mock it up, but there just wasn't the cross-sectional area to fit the pump in the tank anywhere near the bottom. It would have required some major hacking & re-welding of the tank. Now, IIRC, the 550's tank is a bit wider, so you may be able to fit it, after adjusting where the pickup will sit and welding on a nice flange. This may be version 2 for me too, finding a larger tank that I can do that with, but for the moment I'm sticking with the external.

The triangle under the seat is already taken by a re-located battery box, relays, and the megasquirt itself, so the only empty real-estate I have is between and below the carbs over the transmission. Ive sat and stared at it for a number of nights trying to figure out where to put stuff so that it all fits, and trying to keep the high-current and high-voltage components away from sensitive electronics & fuel connections.
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