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Same Day, another Year gone by. TX

Winter in Southern Texas can be these almost warm balmy days and nights following each other, they can be the most exhilarating rides on the many roads present, paved and unpaved, yet the calendar does not spare certain dates coming around year after year. Sometimes it is Nature that wins it all pulling the senses into it's womb exposing herself with all her beauty and appeal, sometimes it is a date throwing a shadow of memories as on the 26ht from 9 years past.
That is just how the Journey is and it's acceptance and endurance of such days is making it possible to go on feeling it all as that is what matters “feeling it all”. There is no escape, only awaiting for time throughout it's course to smooth it out when it desires to do so.
“Indian Trail” is a path which reminds me of many other spaces we have been to. It is a stretch of road that digs deep into the imagination of how all has been laid out. It takes my mind away from a certain present. The forms and shapes of the rocks are endless regardless how many times one has been there. There is always new discoveries.
Enjoy it's Photos and a short Video.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

7th Year, the Stars, living under them…
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