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Originally Posted by urbancowboy View Post
said his glock is from 1992. i think he could benefit from all new springs, especially mag springs.

quality mags are also definitely important with 1911s. call bs all you want.

personal example with glock mags: when i started reloading 9mm several years ago, i had a load that seemed ok but my glock 26 wasn't feeding 100%. probably closer to 50%. asked around, experts told me to try new mags first (those mags were 5 years old and always loaded). worked like a charm. never had a failure since then. last year i replaced the second batch of mags with new ones. cheap insurance.
Thanks for the additional info urbancowboy. I have noticed some failure to feed with the baby Glocks. I've had mine shot by others and they had problems but it was operator induced, small hands, weak grip,not holding gun tight enough. I had a lady in a carry class 2 weeks ago who every 4th and 5th shot had a failure to feed on 5 shot strings fired at her pace (2 year old gun and with all 4 mags). When I had her return to the ready position then aim and fire she had no failures to feed. Seems after 3 consecutive shots with the baby glock in .40 cal her grip loosened up from the recoil and the gun movement in her hands affected the slide operation (limp wrist).
Again you and I have shared first hand knowledge just as Juanjo_NY did. What's sad and amusing is some tacticool armchair shooter will read our three posts and arrive at the conclusion that 66% off all glock owners have mag problems.
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