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Originally Posted by goodcat8 View Post
So if I want relevant info on the S10 I shouldn't ask in the main S10 thread. Copy that!

But if I DO want a breakdown example of Plurics masturbatory thoughts or the standard "Read a thousand pages noob!!" response I know where to go!

Any of you smart asses going to the DV Noob Rally?
OK, OK, you win.

1) The screen is inadequate, especially for previous riders of GSA's. That's easily fixed with a screen adjuster and a larger screen. The wind blast hits most average riders in the forehead.
2) The sump is vulnerable when doing serious off road. Get a sump guard but the Yamaha one bolts into the sump so don't get one of them. Most others are adequate or better.
3) The axles need more grease.
4) There is a low speed stumble that a few people have had problems with. Most just get used to it and ignore it. Some, me included, remortgaged the house and flashed the ECU and put on a power commander.
5) SOMETIMES the bike wont start after the ignition/starter has been turned on and off without allowing the warm up process to finish. Usually fixed by cranking with the throttle wide open. (My opinion/take on the subject and I am entitled to it.)
6) The radiator is vulnerable in the event of a tumble. Not so much the rad itself, but the fan can get pushed into the rad and either puncture it or burn itself out trying. Either get some crash bars or keep and eye on it if you fall off.

I can't think of any more at the moment. Most is personal taste. TBH, there is not much wrong with this bike. I am yet to hear of someone who has been stranded by it in nearly 3 years of ownership. The same cannot be said for BMWs or KTMs.
Oh and the reason you got berated is because all this info is already in this thread and can be found by reading it. I appreciate it is massive, but, unlike KTM and BMW, we do not have a section just for Yamaha's so there are only 2 main threads and as the bikes are basically bomb proof we nit pick about the slightest thing and light heartedly abuse each other in the mean time.

Unfortunately, the abuse and crap tends to pad the thread out a bit too much but hey, it's fun.
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