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PCH Nicoya Peninsula–Ruta del Sol 160. DAY IV (El Ultimo)

Matapalo to Alajuela 03Dec12

On this day we were well rested and got an early start. We took the main, but gravel route into Santa Cruz. Sorry to be negative, but I would have preferred pavement. This section is 3 lanes wide and there are way too many cars, driving way too fast on washboard gravel. When they pass, they get as close as they can, you can hear everything rattling to pieces on their car and then you see nothing as you are engulfed in their dust trail. Try and pick up the pace…? They do too and machismo takes over, male or female. They block, swerve and speed up to make damn sure nothing gets by them. I guess they assume I am on a little 125cc? So, sorry, no pics and I will find back roads for the next trip.

Did I mention we started early? The dust rally is behind us and we have made it to the “Friendship Bridge” donated to the Costa Rican govt. by Taiwan and finished in 2003. A few years later the CR govt. slapped Taiwan in the face and jumped into bed with China.
Time: 08:19

After the bridge we planned on taking the first right (NatGeo Map) and were going to follow the coast into Colorado. We found the road, but ended up at some type of factory with excavators everywhere. The guards came out promptly to tell us “no hay paso”. I sense shenanigans and that they were doing bad around the bend because this seemed like a public road, it was the only road and my map shows it going all the way through. Anyhow, spun around asked a few locals how to get there. One said on the road we were just on and many others were just guessing base on their body language. We continued on driving down any road we could find. Most looked like this:

After almost 2 hours we gave up and headed back to the pavement and cruised the main route to Colorado. I will find this route someday, attacking it from the other direction.

Time: 10:11 Arrive Colorado

If you want fresh fish/seafood, this is the place. We picked up 2kgs of jumbo shrimp.

Now we were on the intended route; non paved and no traffic. We stayed as close to the coast as possible.

After a while I had to relive myself and as I was doing so Ana found this. She says it is an “elefante” but I don’t believe her. It is way too small.

Back on the bike and back to the scenery. This area is known as the “Costa de Pajaros”.

One of my wife’s many family members lives on the coast here so we stopped in for a quick break. It wasn’t quick, but we had a fantastic fish lunch. After that we had to rearrange the luggage, turn the trunk into a cooler to keep the shrimp we bought and the fish we were given cold for the 2+/- hr run home.

Time: 16:44 and we are home.

Summary: 4 days. I lost count of the number of river crossings. We got lost a few times. Stuck mainly to gravel roads. Relaxed, drank beer and watched sunsets. Total mileage, in kilometers was 611 and I broke in a brand spanking new pair of boots.

Thanks for riding along. More Rides to come, but the next thread is likely to be a "Pre '96 DR650 Overhaul" thread.

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