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Originally Posted by pluric View Post
Most questions get answered and then some around here. My favorite response was the
difference in a chain drive over a shaft in doing a wheelie. Complete with the trigonometry
to back it up. Once in a while Dallara will get a little testy and tell someone to work on their
google fu. Normally he has great information and supplies the links to help others out...

...As far as calling us "Smart asses", guilty as charged...

I can certainly be a "smart ass", but then again, I *DID* provide the links ol' Goodcat needed to answer his question. I can't help it that they were two he could have found simply by looking at the manufacturer's web site. I mean, really... Like who would'a ever thunk to look there for info about year models?

What I can never understand is why anybody wouldn't go and at least try to research some of this stuff before taking the lazy man's way out and asking such desultory questions. Makes me just shake my head and wonder... And I think most of us can tell the difference between a sincere question from somebody who honestly can't find the info anywhere else and those who simply don't want to look a bit themselves.

Don't know about you, but I always hated doing somebody else's homework for 'em, particularly just because they were indolent...

And let's face it... There's really not a lot to talk about with the Super Tenere, and that's a good thing. It doesn't break, it doesn't have problems, and it just gets on with it and does its job, and all too well. It's not a like a KTM, BMW, etc. where dozens and dozens of folks can be carpet-bombing posts hourly about what broke *TODAY* and how all those faults, foibles, and busted parts add so much *character* to the ownership experience!



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