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Originally Posted by Pine Sol View Post
oops two questions in a row....

im thinking of putting a steering damper on to my X, mainly as cheap/easy insurance after last summers trip to NWT/ yukon/ alaska. i found that to float on the pee gravel you need to drive in excess of 100km/h, but this is the double edged sword, when the gravel gets deeper the front has a tenancy of flipping back and forth causing many ass puckering moments, few of them i reached that feeling that i knew i was going down..... some how, lady luck felt different...

way out in the middle of no where, it would be along walk back after high siding it, if a steering damper will help situations like this, then i see it as cheap insurance.....

i have been trying to read as many posts regarding dampers, im not interested in the welding approach to the neck anchor post. and unless im mistaken... it seems that scotts is the way to go.

so i guess my question here is...
any suggestions as to where to find a bolt on neck anchor thingy that will work/ fit the X, not knowing if the outer diameter of the steering hub is different from other bikes (im on the other side of the planet away from my X, so i cant simply measure it right now)...


ps, maybe someone out there has just what im looking for and is interested for it (damper and anchor post thingy) to find a new home.... just a thought

The only damper made specifically for the X is by Emig Racing. Replaces the top triple clamp and clamps to the top of the frame.
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