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Originally Posted by Platinumgrit View Post
Awww... :(
That last photo evoked no small twinge of sadness. Itís the layers of meaning inherent in itís visual representation of the finality of what we all knew had to come. Yup, Iím being totally selfish here, I'm going to really miss my weekly philosophical fix. Itís not just the journey, places, and stunning photographs; but the glimpses of another mortal manís internal machinery in action. The mix of time+place+challenge and resultant musing, searching and pondering, and then the raw honesty of your simple, honest, transparent style puts the secret spices on what is, without that, already an impressively presented work of art.

Thankyou, Mr AntiHero Sir, for letting us Ďtag alongí. Thankyou again for putting in such an incredible amount of hard work polishing your thoughts to share with us, too. As someone who dabbles in the written form myself on occasion, I *know* how much work it takes.

I think I can safely speak for a many/most/all of us and say weíre really looking forward to what comes next! *grin*

got to get it on the good foot
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