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Originally Posted by JMo (& piglet) View Post
Taking a spare engine also means you are not eligible for Marathon class
I don't think this machine would be eligible for Marathon in any event- looking at an older rulebook but:

Originally Posted by ASO
Machines in the Marathon group must be standard, a s delivered by the manufacturer. Machines must conform in all ways to the commercial catalogue issued by the constructor and be freely available for sale. The original repair manual (as used by dealers no photocopies accepted), as well as all homologation papers, must be presented at the same time as the machine during scrutineering.
When I studied the book in depth, Marathon has become largely irrelevant to anything but the KTM 450RR- you're not allowed to change anything from standard (down to handlebars), meaning there's only one machine that is capable box stock.

I think they've made the category largely irrelevant, but what do I know.

Long rod motors are cool. The longer rod means a longer dwell time, which can really change (and increase) power characteristics. With that said, that's a pretty darn oversquare motor!

One last thought- the Dakar has become increasingly technical in years past, and I think that trend will continue. Do you think the LC4 based machine (with higher weight than a comparable converted enduro bike) will be a disadvantage in that light?
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