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It's a short cut, really
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Intake boots and cylinder head castings lined up very well on this bike.

I always check for this.

It wasn't up to a professionally "ported" head standard but pretty close with no large gaps or lips for the gasses to trip over.

I also check the welds between the head pipe and the attachment ring that mates to the head as I've found that some bikes have a significant restriction at this point.

Have a few chores this morning, then will give my "Unequal DR" a run back to the shop for the correct bits.

One this I did notice while riding yesterday was a very slight sideways slip int he rear tire when accelerating away from a corner apex. Twice to the left and once to the right.

I think this means that the 800 engine is pulling just a bit stronger than the 750 since the 750 engine never spun the rear wheel like that unless is was a conscious effort to do so and usually only on gravel or dirt.
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