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Originally Posted by neduro View Post
One last thought- the Dakar has become increasingly technical in years past, and I think that trend will continue. Do you think the LC4 based machine (with higher weight than a comparable converted enduro bike) will be a disadvantage in that light?
I was thinking the same thing. Malles Moto shrinks every year and it seems to be widely accepted (perhaps even encouraged) that engine changes are not too much of a big deal, time penalties notwithstanding.

With shorter, more technical stages and shorter intervals between fuel stops, it would seem the advantages of doing the rally on a single engine are becoming negligible. Of course there are the factors of getting the engine to SA assuming not everyone has the charm of Manuel Lucchese to be able to sweet talk the airline desk to consider it a musical instrument, but getting it there, having a truck transport it from bivouac to bivouac, add in the tools to change it, etc... there are advantages to running a single motor, but logistics aside, the advantages just aren't as great as they used to be.

With the cost of Dakar nowadays, the cost of a second motor and a spot on a truck the bring it along are relatively minor in the grand scheme.

I do really like where this is going though, I am just not sure that the ASO is heading in a direction that is compatible with the true privateers/amateurs any longer.
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