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Originally Posted by rectangular View Post
Nothing is wrong. Beezer mentioned above to put some punch marks in it. But, I think I'm going to pass on that. Pretty sure I would mess that up.

Once you try to put it back together without the punch mark you'll be wanting to do it...ASAP. Be super careful that you don't push it out the back.

Originally Posted by DirtyDog View Post
We aren't gonna turn this into an oil or filter debate, but your paranoia regarding oil filters is odd to me. I suggested Hi-Flo due to the price point (half or less of OEM).

Let's not kid ourselves about the tolerance levels and high performance specs of this motor from 1980's vintage technology. A KLR would probably run for years with a wadded up shop rag jammed in there instead of an oil filter.

Most KLR's have the tube that goes in the filter thrown out on their first filter change anyways.

Originally Posted by rectangular View Post
Glad that everyone agrees the oil pump is good-to-go! Now I'm basically just waiting on gaskets and my refreshed head from Eagle Mike.

Definitely doesn't look like new, but as long as you can't catch a fingernail on any ridges you should be ok. I wish I had taken better pictures when I rebuilt my old KLR, the pristine condition of the new/used oil pump compared to my old one was shocking.

Back a few pages I recommended checking the screen again later, but I thought you were splitting the cases for a full rebuild...there isn't any reason to check the screen again, those worms don't grow back, you're good to go.
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