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Originally Posted by victor441 View Post
very nice bike and that is a good deal...though personally I don't know how practical it would be to ride a Commando if you don't do your own work. I've owned two and both required fairly frequent tinkering (though I usually enjoy that and consider it part of the Norton experience) , it would be a major PITA to have to take your bike somewhere for service frequently. As was said is an excellent resource

Thanks for the feedback and the link to the site. I'm an Airhead owner, so know my way around a wrench. To be honest my main concern is that I am about 75% of the way to making a BMW cafe racer, so this would be a somewhat redundant bike. While it would have two seats vs the one, I would always be longing to give it some Dunstall or Manx garb, thus enhancing the redundancy. The main thing is that it's my dad selling the bike, and if I have to I will buy it to keep it in the family. I guess it could sit in my living room (and be taken out occasionally) while I finish the cafe...
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