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Wow thanks alot for the info Chris and richsuz.

I really don't have time to wait for a month to get plates on the bike so I guess i'm better off buying a used one.

Chris I can see on the homepage of CA Tours that you guys sometimes have bikes for sale. Do you anticipate having some this summer.
What is your opinion about the 200 ctx, do you think it has enough power for two up plus some luggage (me and my girlfriend weigh something like 320 lbs together).
I knew that 125 cc might be a bit small but I don't really have enough money to buy a large bike.

I have also been looking at the honda xr250 ( do you guys have an idea how much a used one of those would cost?

I have had little luck trying to find used bikes in Guatemala on the web. Do you guys have any pointers.

Richsuz, do you know how much insurance for a moto costs? I know my travel insurance covers me for any accidents and such but i'm thinking that it might be good to have a third-party liability coverage in case i run over somebodies farm animal.

I apologize for the flood of questions, especially if this is the wrong place to be asking them.

All the best
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