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Originally Posted by Cyclops Motorsports View Post
Fair enough Sanjoh. Actually I see you coment on others threads quite often I have held my tongue about your cheap lights for some time.
When I aimed the light up some it nearly disappeared and would not set off the camera.I thought I did our best to represent all lights as they are. Note the BD photo??

.If only the ADV rider community knew what you paid for the Chinese made lights. I do.
Lets get others to do some photos. Nothing to hide here. The Chinese made model 60 is not very comparable in quality or distance. It does put out a good amount of light close to the bike. But made very cheaply.certainly an engineer would recognize the difference in quality.
You should pay attention, I do not post in other vendor threads unless in this case the facts have been grossly misrepresented.

Having been in manufacturing most of my 25yr career. I do recognize quality which why I offer these lights for reasonable prices compared to some other companies who choose take advantage of the customer with hype, lack of technical information, and other misleading information as you have presented here.
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