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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
The light picture of the model 60 looks ridiculous, looks like the light is pointed at the ground, very obvious as you see the top of the main beam is over exposed on the lower part of the picture.

As a consumer of these products blatant misrepresentation is a VERY BIG heads up on a company. Most people are internet savvy and really do their research on items such as this.

Here's a vendor comparison of photo's for the advmonster 60:


Notice any difference on the beam pattern?

Maybe a sparsely tree lined road would be a better example for a photo so everyone could see the aiming point and the down range light availability. Then do a comparison.

Now the real comparison of your Dually should have been on this one:

M62 on advmonster:

Now - both of you better put up - or shut up.

Don't waste 'our' time on this forum.
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