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Originally Posted by AdvRonski View Post
Jumpin Jeebus, Mototex, who could possibly take offense at such a well reasoned insult?

Here you go, an example of my ham-fisted techniques in action-
Like I said, wasn't trying to ruffle feathers, but following this thread it seemed that emotion from a number of posts might have been taking precedence over getting to the solution.

Just pointing it out in hopes of you getting the bike back in action, that's all.

Please accept my apology if what I wrote came across differently than I intended. I'm just excited about the prospects of this filter, and from what I've seen in this thread the problem could very well have been caused during installation.

As for the ham-fisted aspect, I was really talking more from my experience than I was accusing you of being ham-fisted. I've made similar mistakes trying to "fix" something without taking the time to disassemble and ended up with similar results as your pictures show. No offense intended, other than to myself.

I remember reading that thread on the tank. Nice job!

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