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Originally Posted by sanjoh View Post
You should pay attention, I do not post in other vendor threads unless in this case the facts have been grossly misrepresented.

Having been in manufacturing most of my 25yr career. I do recognize quality which why I offer these lights for reasonable prices compared to some other companies who choose take advantage of the customer with hype, lack of technical information, and other misleading information as you have presented here.
You advertise a 3600 lumen light yet claim it only draws 28 watts. It can't be both, so who's giving out false and misleading info? Check yourself as you appear to be the pot calling the kettle black.
All the technical aspects of the long range are laid out in this thread, maybe you should try being honest with your customers and do the same in your own thread.How many customers have you cut off after haveing them return bad lights 4 or 5 times? Ive spoken to at least 3. We would never treat a customer like that. For starters our products will not fail.

I'm not misrepresenting anything in any thread. Fact is there is no need to go down this ugly road. you have chosen to do that. If there was an issue with something I posted, I'm more than reasonable and would have fixed it, Instead you have chosen to take a low road and act much like the crap you are selling.

If a light or mount fails is it really less expensive to the consumer? If the wires break because they are thin and cheap is that saving the customer $ ? If a light fails when you need it most, did the customer save anything? The answer is NO now they just pay more to fix a turd or buy what they should have in the first place. Quality always wins over cost.
I will look again at photos and see if we can do a better comp.with distance markers But all was equal in every way.
I wish you luck, but don't crap in my thread. and I wont do the same in yours.
When Quality matters,Its all about choices.
Cyclops Performance LED Vendors thread

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