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Originally Posted by eastbloc View Post
My OEM front shock has given up the ghost after 12 years of duty -- I find myself bottoming out over speed humps and big potholes.

Who has replaced their front, with what, and what parameters? Did you go for a stiffer/longer/shorter spring? I see it as a good opportunity to boost up my ground clearance, which has diminished considerably from the steering mod combined with the Stroker front wheel. I do have a spare Adventure shock laying around somewhere, which might do the trick and last a few more thou, but I'd rather have it sorted for good seeing as how I have proper shocks on the side and the rear now.
A couple of thoughts my fronts got a 12-56 with the shortened A frame the lever compressing the spring is shorter I don't seem to need as much spring. One of Strokers wheels and my install of a 145/65/15 front tire tipped me down, it didn't seem to make much difference in handling but I was down to about 6+." clearance under the sub frame, I had no pre load on front Ohlins cranked in 1/4" pre load and a 3/8" spacer at top of front shock and my subframe sits level. 65 series tires front and rear.
While in garage this morning I checked my other GS it has a shortened torque arm in the rear, that pulls the front end up its got just over 8" under the skid plate, Tug GS has just over 7" I bought another billet torque arm and will be shortening it to see if I can get a little more height.Even for a serial tweaker this sidecar stuff is tedious. DB
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