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I thought maybe y'all would appreciate an image of the damage to the radiator that we discovered very early in the project

Also a shots of that templating process, how we worked first with the easily manipulated chipboard, then moved into the stiffer and more permanent aluminum.

The last update, I left with with a blurry picture of the new base going onto the bike. I left the shop shortly after that was accomplished, and the next time I showed up Nemo had done a LOT of TIG welding.

He had also knocked out the top of the tank as well. He had done a lot of work with shrinkers and stretchers as well as the hammer and bag. Each half of the tank as it sits in this photo is made from a single piece of aluminum, with a simple weld down the top center.

The base wasn't yet trimmed to new tank top.

He even finished the knee dents and tacked them into place.

And so here it sat, all mocked up as the tank. Nemo had some high quality foam for the seat, and he bent up a high density plastic to serve as the seat pan for now. You can also see a first stab at a potential rear loop out of flat bar.

Hopefully, y'all of the same option as I was when I saw all this progress for the first time, as I was super impressed. It was the first time we had talked about building something like this and Nemo just knocked out the majority of the work while I was away for a few days. It was fairly close to the original foam mock up, but as we started looking Nemo pointed out a number of points he was unhappy about. This mainly boiled down to the fact that by forming it all out of a single sheet, it all had a similar amount of curvature across the continuous surfaces. As we discussed more and more and looked closer and closer at it we began to agree that the tank wasn't quite what we hoped. Nemo actually went as far as to draw a similarity between the tank and the burritos we were eating, calling the current state of the bike "the flying burrito". So despite all the effort, the tank ended up in the recycling heap, along with the tinfoil wraps from our lunch.
I think we learned a ton to influence the second iteration...
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