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Originally Posted by paulvandenbogaard View Post
Oh dear, I fear something I said made you feel "attacked". I can assure you that was absolutely NOT my intent!! My first reaction when reading your previous posting (the one showing the pictures of different led solutions) was "Wow super some lights actually compared"
If you can tell me what it was that triggered the feeling of attack I might be able to improve my knowledge of the English language. Could also be a cultural thing. Dutch folks have a tendency to be seen as "blunt", although in general there is absolutely no intent to mean harm.

My hope was to get the data (ISO, F-stop, shutterspeed) to also compare this to something I can see with my eyes. Just to compare for the real impression. To complete the mental picture I am trying to build in my head of too many different (led) lighting solutions available.
Most likely the HID will not come close to most of these LED solutions at all. I just hoped to get a better impression on the "to what extent".

However I now understand due to the camera used this is not really possible. A pitty, but hee so be it. I still do like your led solution. And I love the info you present too.
I mentioned my impression of a telelens. Could it be that your camera kind of adjusts its focal lens automatically? I looked closely again but, for example if I compare the first picture called NS-dualdbl01... to the one called NS-Singledual.... (number 1 and 3 in the earlier picture list) I do get this impression.

The picture you just showed is very promising. However can you tell what the distance was between the light and the area on the picture closest to you? Or is the full area lit already shown? I just try to get a mental picture here.
And to complete this mental picture: two single spot lights were used. How far apart were they? Like on each side of the front wheel; one on the left and the other on the right crash bar; or one on the left and the other on the right end of the handle bar?

Some more questions. With respect to the LR light which has two spots in a single housing, can this one be attached vertically with the attachment point on top?
Can one single spot led lamp be attached to another: just a wild idea but with two singles aligned vertically I can have one pointed in front, while the other just shifted a tiny bit to the outside spreading the overall "beam" I fear I have to align vertically in order to get them attached to my bike which kind of mandates attaching them together vertically.

Hope I did not trigger any negative feelings with this posting. Once more your solutions look more then great, I just want to have a good understanding. In the end $500 is a respectable sum if I would go for two doubles + dimmer.

No Worries Paul
We can try our hardest and still piss some people off. It kind of goes with the territory I guess.
I placed another photo of the Model 60 into the comparison shots. Take a look at the clump of grass that is evident in all photos. All lights where mounted on a board that we had to rotate 180 to get the different lights in the shots. The aim was slightly different in a few photos.
What isn't told in the photos is the build quality of the individual lights. Some are much better than others.

I have a Nikon d60 to get all these shots we took the setting off auto and only changed the shutter speed to 3 all setting are the same in all shots.

The photos are taken approx 350 ft from the tree line.

I would say the distance where you start seeing the bottom edges of the light beams is probably 50 ft.
I went back and renamed some photos. If it was a photo of dual lights they where at max 2 ft apart, a bit closer than what they would normally be on a bike.

The attachment point of the light is on the top or bottom, if mounted vertically that would be on the side
The lights do not attach together like our NXG pods do.
I hope I answered all your questions. I just want to give the ADV rider community a real comparison and understanding of what they may be purchasing. That will ocasianally backfire with supporters of other products who feel we are underchanging someone. I'll do my best to make sure that is not the case.
If we make a mistake we will own it not hide behind a wall of BS.
I'm disappointed in the direction this thread has turned and will do better to make it clearer for all.
I can guaranty you the best service, products and after sales support. We are not still around after more than 10 years by offering junk and calling it the best thing since sliced bread.
When Quality matters,Its all about choices.
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