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Originally Posted by Sporting Wood View Post
Totally agree. The fit of this filter is sorta bad really. Slightly wider and shorter in length while slightly taller over the velocity stacks would be better...along with being much more reasonably priced. As is its sort of the square peg shoved into the round hole. Knowing what I know now, I'd have made the filter out of aluminum sticks and glued up some Uni foam over it. The $90 for just the filter is a tad ridiculous IMHO...$300+ for it with a hunk of plastic for a base is INSANE! If I get some time, I might make one like that.

Another method that would be just as good would be to somehow affix some individual UNI cylindrical filters over the stacks.
Yeah, one idea I had was to just make two individual aluminum plates, and put a KTM dirtbike filter over each. . . or a uni cylinder.
But the other option is to make a frame to hold in a long rectangle filter above the trumpets. The filter on my f-250 looks roughly like the right shape, and it's less than $5 for a replacement filter. I don't have too many worries about getting enough air through a filter made for a 7.3 liter diesel truck. We'll see if I get to it. . . . .

Foam filters are great, but I think a paper filter would be fine too if I could replace it quickly and for $5 instead of $40.

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