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Originally Posted by robdogg View Post
couple of questions..

1. Are these readily available now? I.e. No waiting for the next production cycle?
all advtank products are currently in stock and ready to ship.

2. Any fitment issues with jesse luggage on a 990a?
if your jesse bags have the inset at the bottom, then the brackets would require modification. The bags would need to be set out (away) from the bike to allow for the width of the tank.

3. Is there a version 2 or anything done to improve some of the swingarm and/or cap clearance issues?
about a year ago, we redesigned a new cap (roughly the same size of the old cap). The dimensions on the new cap are the same. We were having availability issues on the old cap, thus the new design. Changing the tank to address the clearance issue would have required building an entirely new mold. Frankly, there are not enough sales of these to justify (and pay for) a new mold. The swingarm issue is something that is a bi-product of strapping a bunch of weight to (in) the bags - as you significantly bounce up and down 1,000+ times with 100 lbs of luggage, the natural forces of the weight push in towards the rear wheel. As that happens - it pushes on the steel advtank bracket. After repeated pounding, the bracket starts bending. The solutions are to 1) watch the bracket for signs of bending if you have a bunch of weight in the bags or 2) don't load the side luggage so heavily.

4. Have the instructions improved?
the installation instructions are still the version assembled by neduro when he started this project a couple years back.
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