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It's official. I think there is something wrong with the sig. Shot 15 rounds threw it today with Winchester shells and two jams. I'm going to try a new magazine and different shells and if the problem happens again, it's gone. I'm getting rid of the s&w 642 too. It kicks way to hard for my wife. Will be trading it in next week for something else. Bummer.
Do a detail strip and clean it thoroughly using cotton swabs and an old toothbrush with some solvent. I like acetone or lacquer thinner. Take the magazines apart and wash them out, then check for bent feed lips. Get the bore and chamber squeaky clean with a wire bore brush. Inspect for problems, then reassemble, lubing as you go. And try some different ammo.

If you still have the little stock grips on the 642, I wouldn't blame her for not liking it. Try some bigger rubber ones, maybe Pachmayrs. There's also nothing wrong with using .38 Special wadcutter target loads. They will reduce felt recoil and still be effective.
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