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I shattered about 2.5 inches of my left tibia when a pickup truck broadsided me as he turned into the side of me heading into a yard......My orthopedic surgeon ended up removing the shattered bone and installing an IM nail down the center of my tibia with 3 screws up top and 2 in the bottom to keep everything aligned. At the time of the fracture, he replaced the removed bone with antibiotic packed bone cement which stayed in the joint for about 8 weeks while I was on crutches before I could get in for a bone graft.

Because of the huge amount of bone that was missing, we opted to not remove bone from my pelvis to replace it, and instead decided to use cadavar bone mixed with Infuse (yeah the spinal lawsuit stuff ) to replace what bone was missing. The amount the bone has grown with it has been truly amazing. Here's an x ray ~6 weeks after the graft:

I had the graft back at the beginning of November, and was still on crutches through the first week or so of the year. I started walking with a cane ~2 weeks ago, and at the moment, should be able to get around full time for the most part without it by the end of the week. Infuse is epic stuff, and although it's technically off label, you may ask your ortho about it as a stimulant to get the bone growing again. My fracture was an interesting use of it, but the fact that the bone doesn't want to grow back is what it was designed for in your case. It'd definitely be worth checking out.

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