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Originally Posted by barko1 View Post
Back to a question about those secondary flies . I had done a similar procedure to my ST1300, no problem so I decided to take a look at what lurks under my tank. I haven't done any work to the Connie, just ride it, so this was new to me. I lifted up the tank thinking I would have good access to the flies but then found the rubber covered airbox with the 2 access panels. I opened one (with the electrical connection) and indeed see the flies done there but they do seem to present more access difficulty than I imagined. Am I supposed to removed more?? And the flies were partly opened and would move when I turn the ignition key, is there a good way to make them stay in a better position where I can get the JIS on them? Thanks, pardon my ignorance.
I recently went through this. If you read online, people want you to heat the screws up, etc, etc. I say it is BS.

What I did is acquire this JIS set online:

Rocked the tank back and strapped it back. I believe I ubolted the inspection plates on the airbox. I used the long JIS screwdrive which was a perfect fit for the butterflies. The screws only have about 10lb ft of torque tops. I also made sure I had a telescoping magnet in the throttlebody at the same time as the screwdriver. It was easy! Maybe 15 minutes work if you can get through the tupperware. I slapped on a pipe, powercommander and a new map. Voila!
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