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Originally Posted by Navin View Post
What a bizarre turn of events. BMW killed off everything with any roots to the original Swedish designs, and now the Husaberg guys might be working on German designed, Taiwanese built bikes with their original branding? WTF?
+10 - What Navin said.

BMW ruined Husky from my point of view. TE450/510/610/630 were much better in their niche than the BMW replacements. The Nuda would have been great if it had a little more development - what BMW should have done with the Rotax-designed 800cc motor in the first place. But to me, that's not enough Italian and too much Bavarian, not the other way around. I don't know about all of the R&D, People and money that the article says went from Munich to Italy - it doesn't show to me in the BMW motors dropped into Husky frames. Maybe it's all in the QA/QC and production processes?

BMW may have had bad timing regarding the world economy, but they don't seem to have made headway in my eyes. Now, to sell Husky to KTM takes a lot of the competition for Euro dirt bike design and puts most of it under one umbrella. (Beta, Gas Gas, and Sherco are the only others that come to mind, but I'm not very Euro-literate.) Great for Bajaj, I guess, but similar mergers that reduce competition have had the result of reducing choices for the consumer. I'll wait and see - what choice to I have? - but I'm not encouraged.
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