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I think if you like your SV1000, you'll love a DL1000. If your already intoxicated by Suzuki's v-twin, the natural progression would be to move that motor into a different chassis, the V-Strom. I had bought a new strom in '03(1000cc) and I really did love it. Very narrow, and light feeling, decent gas tank, great ergonomics. They are stone reliable, don't mistake reliability with lack of "soul". There is something to be said, especially if it is your one and only bike, for turn-key reliability, gas and go or however you want to put it. They are fine machines, and they are fun to ride. Riding off paved road, take it easy and enjoy the scenery. Want to enjoy some curves, turn up your preload(adjustable front and rear) then rev it up and go. Nice V-stroms with low mileage can still be found, and your almost in the ballpark for a new leftover '12. Fuel injected, six speed, just like your sv. Just more upright, a bit more suspension travel(6.3" front and rear) and a bit more passenger friendly. Under seat access is easy, with some storage there also, and if you get an '03 or later, you get a decent alternator to power accesories too. Just don't bother with lights. The stock V-strom lights are like staring into the sun. You can wheelie one too. Around 15K valve adjustment intervals. Givi/Kappa made luggage for them available from Suzuki. Many used ones come with saddlebags already. Handguards, luggage rack standard.

If you find a good deal on a multistrada, it too has a 90 degree v-twin, and being a ducati I'm sure they are a hoot to ride and it probably sounds like sin. I have no experience with them. They had available factory hard luggage, and a handy storage bin under one of the fairing sides. High style, and low tech motor? I can be wrong here, but I mean simple to work on, valve adjustment intervals are more frequent, but you should be able to do them yourself. There is a beautiful red one for sale currently in the flea market for around $5K. Try to get one with factory luggage. They are pretty. They probably sound like sin too.

All that being said. I just bought a 2001 Tiger 955i. Unusual triple motor with distincive growl. No 90 degree twin here. If you like the 800XC, but cannot afford the price, just go back, timewise and get an older 955i. I got mine with about 7300 miles on it. Low mile ones are hard to find. I didn't even get a mile on mine, due to weather, but I have ridden my friends. Slightly tighter ergonomics than the V-strom. Valve adjustments 12K miles apart. You can do them yourself, you just need to take the tank and airbox off first. Easy eccentric chain adjusters on older models, spoke wheels too. They have a bit more suspension travel than the V-strom. No room for anything really under the seat. Front suspension non-adjustable, rear preload, with a wrench, under the seat. The '05 and '06 came with factory luggage, so that is a start for touring. More horsepower than the big strom. I got one in roulette green. I looked for a tiger on craiglist, and FM, ebay and cycletrader, but had the most luck with google. Just typed in "Roulette green tiger 955i for sale" and up popped the add that I eventually made the deal on. Fuel injected, six speed. More style than strom, less i'm sure than multistrada. Sitting on it makes me fell a little, you know, fancy. Handguards, luggage rack, power outlet standard. I bought the Tiger because, I never had one before, a friend of mine has one, and it was the least expensive adventure bike I could find for year/mileage. They are a bargain. Had I found a less mileage and less expensive '03 or newer DL1000 V-Strom, I just may have bit again.

I hope i have helped to confuse you just a bit more.


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