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Originally Posted by bESS View Post

I've always wanted to go there. Thank you for your photos

I'm glad you went, it is one of the wonders of the World, and you were so close. I am sure you would have regretted not going there. I'm glad you changed your mind

You must be used to the high altitude and you're smiling too

I'm doing much better at high elevation now. It took a long time to adjust. I feel about 90% now.

Machu Picchu is one of the hardest tourist attractions to get to, but it was also one of the most incredible I've seen. My pictures cannot show the steepness, the extreme elevation of the city. It is thousands and thousands of feet down to the river.

I built, with my Father-in-Law's much appreciated help, a small retaining wall between my house and apartment building last year. All the stones we used were prefab and interlocking and we had a tractor to use. I cannot fathom the millions of man hours that Machu Picchu represents. Mind blowing labour and skill. All done before hydraulics, tractors, diamond bits, and at extreme elevation. Staggers the mind.

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