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Dual Headlights and Electrical Questions

Hi kids!

First off, thank you all very much for the information that has been provided throughout this thread. It's been wonderful, and I appreciate all of it. You guys helped me replace my cam chain, clean my head and carbs, and all sorts of things. Thank you.

Now, it's time to get some model specific advice/info for my next project! This way, I can take some pictures and be specific and give back to the community.

Dual headlights. I managed to get a set of Ruckus headlights (the frame is even in the correct color red, haha). Mounting them, I'll ghetto-fab something up. It's the electrical stuff I'm a little uneasy with.

Here's what I'm working with, and what I want:

What I've got: 1984 XL600R. 200W ricky stator, along with the heavy duty reg/rec that they provide (AC and DC). A set of Ruckus headlights, in awesome red.

What I want: Both lights to be switchable high and low beam, while keeping as much of the bike wiring as stock as possible. Add-ons are fine, I just dont want to completely hack up the wiring harness if I can help it.

So there are two coils on the stator, ~100W each, and I'd like to keep my DC system the way it is. basic math tells me that 55Wx2 for low beams should be okay on the stock AC lighting coil, but at 65Wx2 for the high beams might be really pushing it and might fry the lighting coil.

What I was thinking was, that I run the charging coil, as well as the lighting coil to the battery (two 100W coils) through the regulator/rectifier, then run wiring directly from the battery to some relays to switch the lights. I'd like to use the stock switch for this if I can. My other thought would be to have one side of the dual lights be an AC light, and the other side be run off of the DC system from the battery. What would the max wattage bulb that side of the stator be able to handle?

The main issues that my brain can't seem to wrap around:

Can I use the stock switch to switch the relays? I'm not sure how the current flows through the switch, and I don't know if it will overload it or not.

I'd also be curious if I can send both coils into the DC system, and if the reg/rec (it's a tympanium, i believe) can handle that current, or if the battery will be able to keep charged to keep up with the current flow for the dual lights.

The reading I've done seems to be mostly for stock DC lighting systems (someone made a good writeup for a DR650 dual headlight setup, as well as streetfighter stuff), and being that the XL is an AC/DC mix, that kind of complicates things, I suppose.

Any input would be wonderful. Or, and xl600lm (dual light) wiring diagram would be helpful. If I can get this together with some good information, there will be a detailed writeup.

Thank you!
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