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Like I said earlier....just a couple of short rides is all it should take.

For the non-believers out there, watch a motorcycle roadrace sometime, pay close,attention to Amy slow motion of a right/left, or vice-versa, transition. To get from full-lean left to full-lean right quickly takes an aggressive counter-steering input. If I was savy at imbeding video I'd just do that.

Somebody find one and post it here.....PLEASE.

Originally Posted by 390beretta View Post
I honestly can't believe this thread has lived this long.....or that there's been so much "discussion" of this simple damn principle. Anyone who's ridden a bicycle as a kid, or a motorcycle as an adult, should "get it". I will admit that when I started riding motorcycles as a teenager, my "intuitive" sense was "pull the handlebar toward me to turn the opposite direction", and I still do that, although I push and pull, since the whole concept of "countersteering" has come to vogue. But hey, the concept is about as complicated as "the harder you hit a tennis ball, the farther it'll go". Where the hell is all the confusion?
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