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Originally Posted by CJBDRdude View Post
My point is they are a good general purpose bike and yes inexpensive. But in my opinion they're not in the same league as KTM, Husky, GasGas, BMW or even a Honda XR650 all of which are more offroad oriented than the DR.
I still have my V Strom and had the DR650 for twelve years which allows me to my opinion. The DR is closer to what the Strom is.. more of a general purpose adventure bike. The Strom was much better on the pavement and thats also where the DR is happiest. Why have two bikes for the same purpose? BTW, I had the DR set up for offroad> suspension, seat, bars, tires, pipe, Clarke tank..etc. Its fun, cheap but NO WAY a real offroad bike. If you want that in a Suzuki the best they have to offer is the DRZ400.
Yep, you've got more years experience with the bike, more miles with the bike, and a VStrom to compare. My experience is very different than yours. I agree they are not in the same league as a KTM, Husky, GasGas or BMW. I would consider them in the same league as an XR650 though, and more of a "true dualsport" than most KTM, Husky, GasGas or BMW, which is the title of the thread.
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