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Originally Posted by Katoom72 View Post
Find another dealer... I'm not certified or schooled as a mechanic and I got the job done right the first time I serviced an adventure.

Mistakes can happen but these seem to be to mutch and the diagnosing sounds like it's done by some local drunk. Doing valves should be easy for a professional.

Also, the gas in the carbs. Is it a mist of gas?
Yes, it is a mist of gas.
Yes, there are done quite unprofessional things and no, it is one of the best mechanics that KTM has in Mexico (that is what the director of KTM Mexico said), 12 years experience with KTM, but obviously just one-cylinders.
The boss told me that they did not have the part of the manual where it is shown better how to set the "lower time"?!
Now they are waiting for the nice guy who wants to send the manual tomorrow...
I only ask myself why the mechanic thinks he does not need to lock the engine when adjusting the valves. I even took off the skidplate for him to reach the screw. I am looking forward to tomorrow but do not expect anything anymore. The shims that were in the engine I measured a diameter of 8mm.btw. I have the possibilty to get original ones in two days, ask Harley D.tomorrow or just leave the ones he "adjusted"with sandpaper...
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