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Originally Posted by Cyclops Motorsports View Post
Ya this hasn't been good for anyone.

Thats a nice setup. BD makes great products.
The Long Ranges will shoot out significantly farther, They are designed for Long Range, thats not just a sales term its a description. A quick look at the reflector size/ depth and the knowledge that the LEDs are the same and driven at nearly the same current tells the story.

What I am calling a driving light is the Dirt Bike Squadron headlight That should be the same light that is on your bike The photo is a single light . Other photos are marked as to how many lights where on.
In keeping with the advrider standard : which I see as the normal, good intentioned, everyday info sharing that is predominately found at this site, I sure hope "stuff" does chill down a bit. Obviously, there is a lot of competition and a lot at stake for the LED vendors.
As far as I can tell, you seem to be a stand up fella. I say the same for Sanjoh, who I have done business with. I do like the lights I bought from him. Having experienced the difficulties associated with taking realistic night shots of LED lights, I believe you when you said that you were not doing any monkey business with the shots. I applaud your attempt at showing us consumers a side by side comparison. Just a few suggestions if you make another stab at side by side comparisons. Smaller pics that show each manufacturers light, side by side on the web page, would be best, with particular attention being given to matching the models with the nearest specs, then having them shown ,side by side, same exact field of view and mounting points, And the same number of lights.

As for the squadron vs. the optimus 2 pic, and your reply; There are actually several different variations of the squadron light. The one you used in the comparison is the driving light version, and only one squadron was used if I understand your reply correctly. A fair comparison would be if you used two squadron lights, and in the spot configuration, not the driving light version. That is the light I currently have, and the reason I was hoping for an "apples to apples" comparison.

As you can see by my set-up, I am an equal opportunity consumer. As I said earlier, I am happy with what the Sanjoe lights provide for me, as I am happy with the BD lights. Maybe I have an led "addiction" similar to hollywood stars addictions to plastic surgery, shit, who knows. Once I started down this road of LED purchases, I just keep buying up the latest an greatest. I really need some more distance out of my set up to be satisfied completely.

Your optimus dual has definitely piqued my interest. Without seeing this lights preformance live and in person, and without a fair amount of feedback from folks who have seen and compared all the different lights, side by side, I just dont believe I will really know its capabillities. So box me one up, I am going to pull the trigger on purchasing your optimus 2, (10 degree model).

I will report back here when I get it up and running. If it does as you say, I will be back for more.

Send me a pm for direction with the purchase details.

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