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Originally Posted by Bueller View Post
You don't want corn period. When's the last time you saw a dog break chase at a game animal to rip an ear of corn off of a corn stalk?
While that's true, many a dog lived long lives working their tails off- sheepdogs kept on scraps of polenta and sheep milk. Those dogs put on dozens of km each day and night- now they won't say no to the occasional game they can catch, but their main meal is corn...

My dogs are on a combination of home made and kibbles- the kibbles I use now are Natural Balance. The reason for it is the digestive system of my Belgian, she shits solid on this food.

As a rule of thumb, radiated food is bad. Road kill is bad. Too much protein is bad- especially for some breeds/individuals highly sensitive to this (Bull terriers, etc). The too much protein rule applies to active dogs too.

Just because your dog eats it doesn't mean anything- crap food can taste good, in the short run. Unlike rats, who can smell on other rats what not to eat, and memorize a gazillion food experiences, our companion dogs lost this ability. So do it right...

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