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My point exactly !

Originally Posted by Rider View Post
Well, for beginners, there's a huge price difference. The Trophy is over $20K as opposed to $11,000.
If my experience is any guide, you'll get used to the riding position pretty quickly and actually learn to like it a lot. As long as there's room for your knees and not too much kink in your neck or weight on your wrists, it's a pretty neutral stance that takes a load off your lower back.
I love the Trophy from what I've seen of it and want to ride one soon.
But don't discount the Sprint GT. You may just fall in love with it.

At 11k ( I can get a slightly used version with 2k worth of do-dads on it for 10k) its a heck of a lot of bike. I am going to ride another Sprint GT this weekend and if I like it I am pulling the trigger. Its got a phenomenal motor and a classic sport touriing set up with great bags for a great price. Under-rated ( although and another post says .." MSN gave it 4 1/2 stars") and undersold bike that is discontinued here in the US. I figure I'll ride it for a couple of years and trade it in on the Trophy when the mania dies off..
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