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I JUST finished, in the last couple of hours, installing the Rottweiler. I like the product. It's well made and appears to fit neatly in all respects. It appears as though removing the left tank will be necessary for removal of the filter; I'm glad I bought the pre-filters.

I would respectfully suggest that you include some pictures with the installation instructions. I was eventually able to logic my way through it, but a visual example would have been helpful.

For instance, the instructions direct you to route the crankcase breather under the throttle body and that you might have to remove and inch or two to make the hose fit to the check valve. The only way I could make the hose fit properly was to squeeze it tightly against the wiring for the injector. Also, I noticed that I had crimped the hose at the turn across the top of the engine, so I had to be careful to adjust the crimp out of it.

I also had a little anxiety about how to install the hose on top of the check valve; I found a thread here that showed another inmates' install and it made perfect sense then!

Regardless, so far, I am very happy with your product. Thank you for addressing this need!
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