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Musique Du Burundi. Ocora 1968. Cat. No. OCR 40.

I used to have a vinyl copy of these location recordings made in Burundi in 1968, which I picked up at a record fair in Wandsworth circa '76 for 25 pence, but I lost it in a fire that destroyed my record collection somewhere around '87.

Zip downloadable @

Found tonight via - Scroll down the list to thru/ough all the other stuff there to 'Musique Du Burundi' for the parent link above... Further info @, tho/ough the link on that page seems to be an iLivid dead end, so if you're interested use the original in the aforementioned Mediafire parent link above...

As an irrelevant aside I remember being at a party at a house Pjcr12 shared many years ago, and a quite detestable woman playing a tape of this and insisting it had been recorded at the WOMAD festival she'd recently been to. She immediately made her way onto the wanker list. You see there's an old game I invented and love to play whenever possible - 'Wanker/Not Wanker' - I draw a line on the floor & write 'Wanker' in one section, and 'Not Wanker' in the other, and then direct those I estimate to be Wankers to get away from me in the 'Not Wanker' section, and go stand over there in the 'Wanker' section. It's sort of like a more judgemental version of Twister? It's no surprise I'm unpopular is it...
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