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201. Letting friend sit on your newly restored bike for a picture, and said friend thinks it's funny to joke around when they don't realize how much a bike can really weigh

Let a friend sit on my restored Honda XL250 for a picture. Said friend thought it would be funny to wobble the bike side to side.

Was about to tell the friend not to do that as the bike is heavy, only to watch in horror as my restored bike fell to the ground. After helping my friend up, I accessed the damage.

It was a broken original Honda clutch lever, scratch in the painted crankcase cover, scratched original turn signal, scratch in the original paint of the tank, and a rub mark on the original grip.

I was not happy to say the least, but the friend payed for a new AFTERMARKET clutch lever. I touched up the other damages as best as I could, but it was never how it was before.

I sold the bike 2 months later.

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