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Originally Posted by Dirty in all View Post
Ive had mine in deep water, very deep. Never an issue. I remember thinking the airbox wasnt cut out for what I was getting myself into but I was wrong. I dont know if its the filter technology or what to be honest. Last bike I rode in deep water was a 1978 KE175 and if you got your ass wet sitting on the seat it was over. The 500 had only the fuel cap and handlebars showing quite a few times. Like you said, floating basically. The few times I would bobble and had to get off it would start right back up where it was and I would ride it out. They make a water sock for the filter too which I think Ill get this year but only because Ive cleaned and reoiled the filter myself now and I dont know where my skills stand on that.
Colemanfu I have the same concerns. Does anybody have any insight on airbox changes on the 500 from previous generation KTM big bores? Have there been any improvements that that increase its ability in watercrossings? I rode a 525 for years and was constantly disappointed with its ability to ford deep water. I drowned it constantly, despite breather hoses being routed up high and down low w/T fittings, weather stripping between seat and rear fender, etc.

Small creek crossings were no issues but long deep crossings would end up getting only halfway across before ingesting a crankcase full of water. My Japanese one piece airboxes never had issues however the multi piece airbox on the KTM slurped fluids. it got so bad than anything near waist deep I would resort to this method if possible.

and that is just embarresiing for a hard core dirt bike.

I got to really envy the Husaberg and 690 airboxes in the traditional gas tank positions, but in reality my Japanese one piece airboxes never drowned out until the tank went under water. Have any updates on airbox design to increase water crossings been adapted into the new 500 model?

Dirty in All - Do you have any info on the water sock? I assume this is different from the plastic cover used for cleaning the bike?
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